FAQ – Festival

Dominator 2024 takes place on the 19th & 20th of July in Eersel, The Netherlands. Read all information about the festival at this page.


Friday 19 and Saturday 20 July 2024.

Festival: Friday 1:00 PM – 11:00 PM (3:00 AM after party, only for camping visitors)
Festival: Saturday 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM.

E3 Beach, Buivensedreef 10
5521 RN Eersel
The Netherlands

Enter the following address in the navigation: Buivensedreef 10 5521 RN Eersel. Turn off your navigation system as soon as you see the yellow Dominator road signs, which point you in the direction of the event area. Parking is at your own risk.

You can travel to Eindhoven Central Station by train. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, shuttle buses go from there to Dominator. Leave the station via the public transport exit and walk to the shuttle bus stop at John F. Kennedylaan 2 to find the shuttle buses. These buses leave every half hour. Shuttle bus tickets are only available in the ticket shop.

Yes, our buspartners travel from various countries. Check all available options on this page.

Organizing your own bus trip to the event? Please fill in the form on this page and provide us with the following information: bus company, number persons, number of coaches, expected arrival time, buss parking yes / no. You will receive all the required information to get to, and possibly park at Dominator. If you have registered via the website, is parking free.

There is a Kiss&Ride available. Follow the yellow signs for the exact location

There is a special taxi place. Taxis are waiting for you here. You can only board at the front one.

All ordered transport goes to the taxi stand. You can be dropped off there before the event and picked up after the event.

No, it is not possible to charge your car at the event.

It is possible to spend the night at the Dominator campsite. On the website you will find more information.
You can also spend the night in various hotels in the area, you can find more information on the website.


Ticket sales have started and you can order tickets.

Tickets for Dominator 2024 must be personalized. If you have ordered multiple tickets, it is necessary to personalize each ticket per visitor. Personalizing the remaining tickets within your order is possible by logging into your account (or creating one if you have not already done so). You can claim one ticket per account. Once everyone in your order has claimed their ticket, the main buyer will receive all tickets via email. If this still does not work, it is best to contact Paylogic Support. Only after the personalization has been completed will you receive your tickets via email.

You do not need to print your ticket. The ticket code can also be scanned from the telephone.

It is not possible to return a ticket. It is possible to purchase or sell a ticket via TicketSwap. Thanks to the SecureSwap technology, you receive a new admission ticket with a new, valid barcode when you purchase a ticket.

The tickets can no longer be changed. You can upgrade a day ticket to a weekend ticket.

No, there are no group discounts on tickets.

No, VIP tickets are not available.

If you can no longer go, you can sell your ticket via Ticketswap. Make sure your tickets are personalized, otherwise you will not receive the tickets and you will not be able to resell them.

Do you want to change the name on your ticket or transfer it to someone else? Follow our step-by-step instruction on how to change the name on your ticket.


The minimum age to visit the event is 18 years old on the day of the event.

Weapons, drugs, liquids, sharp/dangerous objects, selfie sticks longer than 1 meter, professional video cameras (without press accreditation), umbrellas, football-related expressions, food and drinks. Different rules apply to the campsite for bringing food and drinks. See the FAQ – Camping for more information.

Yes, you are only allowed to bring medication to the event upon presentation of a doctor’s note. Medicines can possibly be stored at the emergency room.

No, it is not allowed to bring food and drinks inside.

We have gluten-free options but cannot 100% guarantee that there will be no cross-breeding with other non-gluten-free products. If you have a gluten allergy, you can bring your own food provided you can show a doctor’s note.

It is not permitted to bring (alcoholic) drinks to the event.

The drug policy at Dominator is zero tolerance. This means that all types of soft and hard drugs are not permitted. The police strictly monitor dance events throughout the Netherlands for prohibited narcotics. We as an organization are obliged to hand over anyone found with these prohibited substances to the police.

No, it is not allowed to enter and exit the event. Once your ticket has been scanned and you leave the site, you are not allowed to re-enter.

No, it is not allowed to bring (domestic) animals to the event. Assistance animals (e.g. an assistance dog) are also not allowed because most animals have better hearing than humans and the noise can be too loud for them and therefore harmful.


Yes, there are extra wide gates at the entrance that you can pass through with a wheelchair.

There are disabled toilets available at every toilet group at the event.

Assistance animals (e.g. an assistance dog) are not allowed because most animals have better hearing than humans and the noise can be too loud for them and therefore harmful.

There are no special facilities available or centrally organized for people with hearing and/or visual impairments.

If you are pregnant you can come to the event, but it is your own responsibility. Due to the loud music, a visit to an event can be harmful to the unborn child. Discuss in advance with your doctor or midwife whether it is responsible.

Yes, you can bring a pumping device. It is possible to express milk in the first aid room and store it in a cool place.

There is a special passage at the entrance, which is wide enough for wheelchair users. In addition, there are also disabled toilets available at the event.There is no disabled deck available at the event. There are enough paved paths to get everywhere, with the exception of the beach.

Media requests

You can send press requests to [email protected] , from here your request will be processed +- 2-3 weeks before the event.

It is allowed to take photos with all types of cameras. Professional video cameras are only allowed with press accreditation.

It is forbidden to interview at the event without permission. If you would like to be interviewed at the event, please [email protected] to ask permission.

Services and Facilities

There are five stages on Friday and eight stages on Dominator.

Sales are per strip of 5 coins.Coins can be purchased per 5 coins for €19.50.

We recommend that you purchase your locker in advance. You will receive a ticket by email. At the event, take that ticket to the locker desk and receive the code for your locker.

If you get drinks at the bar, you must hand in a recycle chip or an empty cup/bottle. If you do not have this, you pay 0.5 coin per cup/bottle/can.

Yes, there is free drink available at the toilets.

No, cigarettes will not be sold at the event.

Yes, there are merchandise stands at the event. In addition, you can also purchase merchandise online.

There will be no ATM at the event. You can pay for your food and drinks with tokens. You can get tokens at the cash register with PIN, credit card or cash.

Yes, power banks are sold at the merchandise stands.

All found items will be collected the Wednesday after the show until at least two weeks after the event has taken place.

Please contact security immediately at the event. Your belongings may have been found. Otherwise you can file a report through the police.

Celebrate Safe

Celebrate Safe is a platform with tips and reliable information about conscious and safe partying. Together with more than 100 organizers, Celebrate Safe has set up a campaign to inform visitors of events and clubs in an accessible way about the risks related to going out (think of alcohol, drugs, but also hearing damage and unsafe sex) and how to limit these risks.

Sexual violence or sexual harassment will not be tolerated. If you experience inconvenience or feel threatened, we request that you report this to the organization. You can contact both the security and first aid staff, who will assist you and contact a manager within the organization to provide further assistance.

No, it is not possible to have drugs tested at the event. It is possible to test drugs at various Dutch test locations prior to the event. There is a Unity stand on the festival site where they can provide information about the use of alcohol and drugs.

Various places have been created at the event where you can relax.

If you or one of your friends is not feeling well, do not hesitate to go to the emergency room. Expert care providers are ready to provide support. Be open about any alcohol and drug use, because the clearer you are about the situation, the more effectively they can help you. You can feel free to talk, as medical confidentiality applies here and no report is made to the police.

General and Customer Service

If you have any questions or concerns, it is best to speak to the nearest event or security staff. Or you can send us a message via social media.

The general terms and conditions of Art of Dance can be found at: https://www.artofdance.nl/nl/terms-and-conditions/

The drug policy at Dominator is zero tolerance. This means that all types of soft and hard drugs are not permitted. The police strictly check for prohibited narcotics at dance events throughout the Netherlands. We as an organization are obliged to hand over anyone found with these prohibited substances to the police.

All found items will be returned on Wednesday until at least two weeks after the event.

Do you have questions or comments about Art of Dance or Dominator? Please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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  • This event is only accessible with a valid entrance ticket.
  • The minimum age is 18+.
  • The organization and security have the right to check your age on the basis of a valid ID.
  • Everyone will be subject to a 100% POV search by security prior to the event. Are you not cooperating with this? Then you are not allowed to enter.
  • All hard and soft drugs are prohibited. We have a zero tolerance policy.
  • If drugs or other prohibited substances/objects are found, you will be removed from the event and handed over to the police.
  • It is also prohibited to have objects/substances that resemble drugs with you. If you do have these with you, you will also be removed from the event and handed over to the police.
  • The organization and security have the right to deny anyone access, without giving a reason and without the right to a refund if they deem this necessary.
  • The organization cannot be held liable for personal injury and/or loss or damage to goods.
  • Clothing or flags with provocative, discriminatory or other offensive texts, logos or illustrations are not permitted.
  • You are not allowed to bring professional photo, video, audio recording equipment or selfie sticks
    take inside. Standard digital cameras or phones are allowed.
  • Commercial activities on or around the event without permission from the organization are prohibited.
  • Distributing flyers or other promotional material without permission from the organization is prohibited.
  • Access to the event is at your own risk. If you have health problems, go to the emergency room. Earplugs are available to protect your ears.
  • Always follow the instructions of the staff, security guards and emergency responders.
  • It is prohibited to smoke outside the designated smoking areas.
  • Treat each other with respect.
  • (Sexual) Harassment is not tolerated.
  • Bringing pets, fireworks, weapons or sharp objects in any form is not permitted.
  • Bringing drinks, food or other consumption items is not permitted.
  • There are security cameras available for your and our safety.
  • Photo and/or video recordings can be made of you, which can be distributed for any form of promotion.
  • Once you leave the event, you cannot go back in.
  • Everyone must adhere to the applicable house rules when entering this event.