Activities & Facilities

Spending the weekend at the Dominator camping? There will be loads of activities and facilities to make your weekend truly unforgettable. From swimming in the beautiful lake, chill areas, BBQ spots, to sanitary facilities, and much more. Check all camping activities and facilities and prepare for the weekend of a lifetime!

Silent disco afterparty

At the Dominator camping, your party continues at the silent disco afterparty on Friday. Grab some headphones and get ready to bust some moves.

Sanitary Facilities

Fresh up and prepare to enter the festival grounds!

Information desk

Need help with anything? Just swing by our information desk which will be open 24/7!


There are lockers available at the campsite to store your stuff safely!


Be the first to claim your Dominator merchandise at the camping!

BBQ Areas

We have designated BBQ areas at the campsite where you can enjoy your well deserved food break.


Get ready to dive in!

Chill out

Head over to the campsite to relax in one of the chill out areas.

Charging up

There will be power points where you can charge your phone at various locations on the campsite.


Get ready to fully immerse yourself into this year's Dominator theme 'The Core Citadel'!