Your packing list for the Dominator camping!

Phone charger, towel, clothing, cosy blankets, air mattress, food…? Hmmm, what else? Did I forget something? Quit scratching your head and trying to make a mental list of what to bring to this year’s Dominator campsite. We took the thinking off your shoulders and compiled a camping must-have list to make your life a hell of a lot easier!

For the first time in Dominator history, we’re thrilled to bring the celebrations to the next level and welcome you to our campsite! Open from Friday July 15th until Sunday 17th, the campsite will give you the ultimate Dominator experience with other like-minded hardcore heads. Stay, celebrate, socialise and enjoy a cold breakfast beer each morning!

Read on and check our list of essential camping items to make your stay at the Dominator campsite a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Did we miss anything? Drop us a comment or message and we’ll add them to our list.



Stay online and connected for the whole weekend by keeping your electronic devices charged! Not only are there power points at various locations on the campsite, but it’s always handy to bring your own power bank just in case. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your Bluetooth speakers, so you can have music battles with your neighbours.


Phone charger & battery pack
Bluetooth speakers


Hygiene & health

As you’ll be staying for two nights at the Dominator camping, you won’t want to forget all of your hygiene camping essentials to stay fresh and clean. This is a long list, but you’ll be thankful to have brought these comforting products.


Make-up remover
Wet cleaning wipes
Hand gel
Soap & shampoo & if you’re really Dutch, bring your washandje
Feminine products
Medication (don’t forget to bring a letter from your doctor if you need to take prescription medication)
Earplugs & eye mask
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Plastic bags for rubbish/dirty clothing



One of the most important things you’ll need to pack is your Dominator outfit! Aside from that, remember to bring enough clothing for the pre-party and day after, as well as warm and comfortable items to hang out in on the campsite.


Festival clothing
Spare clothing for the day before and day after
Tracksuit & sweater for the evenings
Spare shoes
Shower shoes/slippers
Swimsuit & beach towel
Fancy dress or fun afterparty outfits


Camping equipment

If you want to camp comfortably, you’ll need all of the essential camping equipment. Aside from your tent, remember to bring all of the accessories to ensure your tent remains in its place, as well as something to place underneath your tent in case of damp or rainy grounds.


Tent and accessories
Air mattress and pump (you don’t want to blow it up by mouth, trust me)
Sleeping Bag
Extra chairs & table
Storage box for food/drink
Portable camping stove or disposable BBQ
Decorations for your tent
Duct tape
Games (such as cards or compact board games)


Food & drink

Keep your batteries loaded with plenty of food and drink over the weekend. Not only does our mini market stock some food and drink items, but it’s highly advised to bring your own. You can also fill up your water bottles for free at the several water stands!


Canned or non-perishable food
Breakfast beers
Sauce for your breakfast sandwiches
Protein or energy bars
Fruit such as apples, banana, pear and oranges
Plastic cups
Plates and cutlery
Plenty of water


Personal items

Avoid any hassles by bringing the correct travel or personal documents, such as your ID or passport, travel cards, bank pass and most importantly, your Dominator ticket.


Travel cards or documents
Your ticket!