FAQ – Camping

In 2024 the Dominator Festival campsite will be back! Located at one of the most beautiful places of the festival site: a stretch of beach alongside the festival grounds. Start off your festival day together with your friends and marvel at the magnificent view of the beach, the clear blue water and the festival grounds. The ultimate Dominator feeling!

On this page, you can read all necessary information about the Dominator Camping. Is the answer you are looking for not listed? Please contact us via [email protected] or our Facebook page. We are happy to help you!


The Dominator campsite is open from Friday 09:00 AM CEST until Sunday 12:00 PM CEST.

The Dominator Campsite is located on the E3 Strand in Eersel. The address is Buivensedreef 10 5521 RN Eersel.

There are many ways to travel to the Dominator campsite. Take a look at the ‘How to get there’ section in the Dominator Festival FAQ for all the options and information.

There will be a shuttle bus driving from the campsite to Eindhoven central station and back on Friday and Sunday. Follow the signs at the station and at the campsite to get to the shuttle buses. These buses will depart every half hour. Shuttle bus tickets are available shop.dominatorfestival.com.

You must be at least 18 years old on the days you want to visit the campsite and the festival. That means you must be able to prove you are at least 18 years old on 19/20 July 2024. Make sure you bring a valid ID, without ID you have no access.

The campsite opens on Friday the 19th of July at 09:00 AM. You can check in until 08:00 PM on Saturday. The campsite will close on Sunday the 21st of July at 12:00 PM. You must have left the campsite with your belongings before that time.

Tokens can be purchased at the cash registers or at token machines. Tokens purchased at the campsite can also be used at the festival grounds and vice versa. It is possible to pay with cash, debit card and credit card. It’s also possible to pay with PIN at the camping at the drinks and food stands.

Dominator Festival is a partner of Celebrate Safe, a foundation that strives to make parties as fun and safe as possible. They are present at Dominator Festival with a stand where volunteers are ready to provide you with advice and an answer to all your questions. If you want to know how to party as safely as possible, check out celebratesafe.com.

We will be soon updating all the Dominator 2024 merchandise in the Dominator app, so you can see all merchandise that is for sale at the event. Download the app and stay up to date!


To get access to the Dominator Camping, you must have a camping ticket. These tickets are only for sale in combination with an entrance ticket. If you have purchased a camping upgrade, you must bring both your Regular ticket and your upgrade ticket. A separate Friday and Saturday ticket does not grant you access to the Dominator campsite.

The entrance of the campsite is located nearby the event site. Use the address ‘Buivensedreef 10 5521 RN Eersel’ for your navigation system and follow the signs from the parking lot to get to the camping entrance.

Once you have left the main entrance/exit of the campsite, you can not enter the campsite again. We are bound by guidelines provided by the local authorities and unfortunately cannot make any exceptions on this.  Please keep in mind that you have to take all your belongings with you as soon as you leave the campsite.

During the Festival you can enter and leave the campsite through a special passage from the festival grounds to the campsite. Follow the signs and the map to find this passage.

If you are willing to sleep somewhere else, we recommend getting a separate Friday and Saturday ticket. If you have a camping ticket, you cannot leave and re-enter again. We are bound by guidelines provided by the local authorities and, unfortunately, cannot make any exceptions to this.

Stay and accommodations

Yes, there will be a limited amount of group spots available!

Our camping staff will help you find the perfect spot to set up your tent. Camping visitors must follow the instructions of the camping staff at all times. It is forbidden to sleep in your car.

You can rent your own spot to set up your tent or camper at the Dominator Camping or rent a pre-setup tent. Check all the accommodations here.

Group camps are suitable for 6 to 8 persons.

The reception is available 24/7, check-in is possible until 08:00 PM Saturday evening.


Sockets are available at various locations on the site. Here, for example, it is possible to charge your phone or inflate your air mattress. It is not possible to get a power connection to your tent.

There are showers and toilets on the campsite. There will be an extra cleaning crew to keep everything nice and tidy.

Earplugs can be purchased at the campsite and festival grounds.

The first aid post at the campsite is open 24/7. Are you not feeling well, or do you see someone around you who is not feeling well? You can always walk in at the first aid post. Our employees are open-minded, do not judge and are always ready to help.

There are taps at the campsite where you can tap free drinking water. Besides that, there will be water bottles for sale at the camping store and at the bars.

There are enough lockers available at the campsite. Use this to store your valuables such as your passport and camera. Do not leave your belongings unattended in your tent. If you decide to take valuables with you to the campsite or the festival grounds, this is always at your own risk.


There are air mattresses, tents and sleeping bags for sale in the camping store. We advise you to bring your own stuff so that you are sure that it is not sold out and that you sleep dry and well.

No, you have to bring your own pump.

For the accommodations on the Dominator campsite, a deposit must be paid in advance and online. If this applies to your booked accommodation, you will receive a separate e-mail approximately 3 weeks before Dominator Festival 2024. Please keep an eye on your spam as well! The deposit cannot be paid on-site and the check-in can only proceed after the deposit has been fully paid, so please pay on time.

The reception is available 24/7, check-in is possible until 08:00 PM Saturday evening.


Yes! If you’re not ready to head off to your tent for a good night’s rest after the pre-party and festival day, we’ve got you covered! At the Dominator camping, your party continues at the silent disco afterparty on Friday. The afterparty takes place from 11:00 PM till 03:00 AM. Grab some headphones and get ready to bust some moves.

Headphones are available for the majority of camping visitors.

Yes, absolutely! There are many activities in which you can participate on the campsite which we will announce soon.


Allowed / not allowed

Yes, you can bring a camper or caravan to the Dominator campsite. Read all you need to know here.

The campsite is not accessible to cars. You can however drive to the entrance to drop off your belongings first and then park your car at the designated parking lot. Follow the ‘drop off’ signs, which will lead you to the drop off spot at the camping.

  • Drugs
  • Weapons/knives
  • Drones
  • Scissors
  • Firework
  • Oil
  • Glass
  • Gas lamps, candles and torches
  • Large barbecues (disposable barbecues allowed)
  • Pets
  • Sound systems (small portable boxes of max. 25×25 cm are allowed)
  • Shirts and flags of football clubs
  • Sofas, home furniture and pallets (folding chairs or camping tables are allowed)
  • Household appliances such as cookers/stoves, microwaves, freezers and refrigerators
  • Non threaded gas bottles/gas bottles over 250g

Not sure if you can bring something to the campsite or not? Please contact us via [email protected] or our Facebook page.

The Dominator Camping has a zero-tolerance policy. This means that all drugs are prohibited. This also applies to weed and hashish.

The police will check more strictly for prohibited narcotics at dance events throughout the Netherlands. We as an organization are obliged to hand over anyone caught with these prohibited substances to the police.

It is permitted to bring medicines. However, the medicines must be in the original packaging. You also need to bring a doctor’s statement.

There is a limit on the number of drinks that you can take with you. The maximum is 4.5 litres drink/alcohol per person. Alcoholic beverages may contain a maximum of 14.5% alcohol. Glassware is not permitted. Drinking water is available for free at the water taps.

It is permitted to bring food of all shapes and sizes to the campsite. It is allowed to bring a disposable barbecue. Only the smallest gas bottles (max. 20×20 cm) are allowed.

Please note: it is not permitted to bring food or drinks to the festival grounds.

You can bring your own food to the festival ground when you have a gluten allergy. However, the food must be in the original and sealed packaging. You must also have a doctor’s statement.

It is not allowed to bring a large sound system to the campsite. It is allowed to take a small portable speaker with you. The maximum size of this speaker should be 25×25 cm.

It is not allowed to smoke in festival tents, public roofs and public enclosed areas. As an organization, we risk a high fine if this happens. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Yes, this is allowed. The maximum wide is 70 cm.

Yes, this is allowed.

If the make up is in the original packaging it is no problem. Liquid make-up is not allowed.

No, this is not allowed.

Gas bottles up to 250 gram are allowed.

Non threaded gas bottles are not allowed.

Finally: when violent crimes, vandalism, intimidation, theft and/or immoral behaviour are detected, you will be removed from the site without hesitance and you will be handed over to the police. Immoral behaviour and intimidation include: throwing beer, walking naked, peeing in the wild, mistreating women and/or men, and harassing other visitors.