Send your fellow hardcore heads a message!

What would you like to say to your fellow 50.000 hardcore heads on the day Dominator was supposed to take place? Send in your video message and show them your support. We will edit the best messages into a video and share this on the 18th of July. You can submit your message via Whatsapp (+31 6 82590703) or Instagram Messenger before the 13th of July. If you submit your video please make sure:

  • You send your video before Monday the 13th of July.
  • You submit it via Whatsapp (+31 6 82590703) or Instagram Messenger.
  • Your video won’t be longer than 15 seconds.
  • Your video is vertical (Instagram Stories size).
  • By sending in your video, you agree to our privacy policy and also agree that the organization may use the photo for the use of promotion on the social media channels.