2 days at Dominator Festival!

Your weekend itinerary for July 15th & 16th

It’s the 15th of July and you’ve just turned off your alarm clock, it’s Dominator time! You’re getting the final things packed for the weekend and you’re ready to make your journey to the most notorious theme park in history, where you will be staying for the coming 2 days. Together with 50.000 fellow hardcore heads from all over the world you will be storming the gates of madness, diving into full-blown hardcore insanity. Are you ready? Let us take you on your journey through 2 days at Dominator. It’s going to be one Hell of a Ride!

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Set up camp

First things first. In order to survive the coming days, you need to set up camp at the first ever Dominator camping. Choose a sweet spot at the beautiful campsite, set up your tent and get nicely settled in. Setting up your spot can take up quite some energy, so when you’re ready you can treat yourself to an energizing snack, head over to the chill out areas or maybe even take a swim!

Enter the pre-party

When the evening starts to fall and the daylight is slowly fading, it’s time for the Dominator insanity to begin. Get together with your party crew and head off to the festival grounds that have just been opened. Excited as you are, you immediately start running straight to the pre-party, where Miss K8, Tha Playah, Nosferatu, Scarphase, Bass-D, Barber and Tha Watcher will be waiting for you to kick off the weekend.

Storm the gates

After the pre-party last night, you’re dying to find out what the rest of the festival grounds look like. After a hearty breakfast, you’re beyond ready to storm the gates of madness together with your friends. Whether you are coming from your comfy hotel or straight from the campsite, at 11:00 AM sharp you will be standing right in the middle of our re-opened theme park. Ready to explore all the attractions that haven’t been open for so many years. First stop: the Mainstage!

Visit all areas

At Dominator Festival, you can visit not 1, not 2 but 7(!) stages. And with over 100 artists you now need to make some hard(core) decisions. Which stage to visit and when? Of course, you have already checked out the line-up for each and every stage way in advance, so you know which artists you definitely need to see.

Explore the Park

Next to partying at all 7 areas, there are loads of other things to do in our theme park. Getting hungry from all the excitement? Head over to one of the food courts and get some food in that stomach of yours. In for the thrill? Then you must take a ride on one of the attractions that are located throughout the park. Make sure to buckle up though, cause this theme park has been closed for a reason…

Take in the scenery

For 2 days in a row, you will find yourself at a truly unique location. Take some time to check out all the amazing and detailed stages, have an energizing stroll along the beach, take a swim to cool off from all that dancing, check out the racing track and gaze at the beautiful surroundings. Taken it all in? Then it’s time go bust some moves again!

Watch the endshow

After an insane day with the sickest hardcore sets, all the activities and chill sessions in between it all comes down to this moment. The final 30 minutes of Dominator Festival: the famed endshow. Gather your party crew and meet up at the Mainstage for the closing act of the day. Curious to see what you can expect? Check out the 2019 endshow.

The silent disco afterparty

If you thought that was a wrap, think again! As camping package holder, you are far from done. After a MIND-BLOWING endshow at the Mainstage, the party continues at the silent disco afterparty! As a true Dominator, you are totally ready for some extra hours of hardcore madness. Just put on your headphones and GO GO GO!

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