We Will Prevail – the ultimate online hardcore spectacle

On Saturday July 17th we will bring Dominator to your homes with a brand new upgraded online spectacle. For this edition we’ve selected the most vicious hardcore artists out there to blast your senses. Buckle up and get ready for the ultimate online hardcore spectacle: Dominator – We Will Prevail. Dominator – We Will Prevail will be exclusively available on Q-dance Network.


Tickets for Dominator – We Will Prevail are now available. Dominator will be exclusively available on Q-dance Network and can be experienced with either a DEDIQATED Membership or a Pay-Per-View ticket. Next to that, all current Dominator Festival 2022 ticket holders will be able to watch the livestream for free.

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Ticket info

Current Dominator ticket holders (free access)
All current holders of a Dominator ticket will be able to watch the Dominator – We Will Prevail livestream for free. Please check your email for more information on how to get your tickets (or Q-dance Network DEDIQATED membership with a discount).

Q-dance Network DEDIQATED membership (free access)
All DEDIQATED members of Q-dance Network will have free access to the Dominator – We Will Prevail online spectacle. A DEDIQATED membership costs €49,99 per year. Current Dominator ticket holders will get €7,99 discount on the first year. For more info about Q-dance Network and the DEDIQATED membership, check the Q-dance website.

Pay per view (€7,99)
A single Pay-Per-View ticket for We Will Prevail costs €7,99. Get your tickets in the Q-dance Shop. Once entered the shop, click ‘Next’ to skip the membership and continue to the Pay-Per-View tickets.





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Dominator Festival – We Will Prevail will be exclusively available at Q-Dance Network.

How to tune in:

📲 Q-dance Network: experience Dominator – We Will Prevail to the fullest with the Q-dance app. With this app, you can cast the stream to your tv while still making use of all the extra features, including the chat, access to the Dominator Zoom Room and much more! Download it now for free in the App Store or via Google Play.

💻 If you aren’t able to cast Dominator – We Will Prevail to your TV, you can watch We Will Prevail on your laptop or desktop at live.dominatorfestival.nl. Keep in mind that features such as the chat are only available on the Q-dance app. Check more info here.

You can get your Dominator Festival – We Will Prevail tickets here.

No, anyone with a Dominator Festival ticket will be able to experience We Will Prevail for free. An email with more information about the free Dominator Festival – We Will Prevail upgrade will be send to all current ticket holders.

No, all DEDIQATED Members are able to experience everything Q-dance Network has to offer, including Dominator Festival – We Will Prevail.